Protect Your Time & Your Purchase

Turn offers the convenience of app and web based auctions along with enhanced buyer protections.  One of the biggest frustrations for dealers acquiring inventory online is vehicles arriving with undisclosed damage or mechanical problems.  Returning the car and negotiating with the platform is time consuming, costly, and incredibly annoying.  Turn and its network of partner auctions ensure that what you bought is what you get.
Modern, Mobile & Web Auctions
15min auctions run from 8am-10pm CST seven days a week on our easy to use mobile and desktop app.
Preview and a Set Schedule
You're too busy to watch auctions all day.  Turn pre-announces auctions so that you can focus on running your business.
Inspections and Warranties
Guarantee your purchase with a post-sale inspection or a warranty option that can be passed along to your retail buyer.

Trust, Convenience, and Expertise.

Turn combines its brick and mortar experience, independent dealer knowledge, and proven technology expertise to create a marketplace built to be the most trusted and convenient way to source wholesale cars.

Open to All.

Turn is open to all dealers, from large franchise dealers to the smallest of independent dealers–all can buy and sell on Turn.

Confidence in Purchases.

Through our partnerships with leading independent auctions, we not only provide access to thousands of vehicles, we also offer expertise that is not available from other wholesale platforms.  In addition, our industry unique warranty program gives buyers additional confidence in their purchases.

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